Sunday, August 16, 2009


The new school year is almost upon us and it is bringing with it some new challenges. WCA is almost literally overflowing. In order to fit as many students in as we can and still keep our class sizes small, we hired a new teacher this week! We are creating a new classroom for our third and fourth graders. This change required much more work than you might originally think. In order to free classroom space we moved our library into the hall, moved the preschool into the library, and moved the third and fourth grade into the preschool room? Having trouble following all of that? Me too!
We currently have a small out-building on order which will eventually house the library. But, WCA needs to find a new building before next year. Please be in prayer for us as we look for a building that we can afford and that will also meet our needs and enable us to grow. And, in the meantime, pray for our growning pains!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The End of Summer

As the summer draws to a close, preparations for the new school year are gearing up and will soon be in full swing. As part of that process, I decided to start this blog which will have a direct link from the academy's website. Hopefully, this will just be one more way to keep you informed about what is happening at Woodward Christian Academy as well as providing a "behind the scenes" look into the school.
I am excited about the upcoming school year. It's always thrilling for me to see what God is going to do at and through the school. I'll be seeing you soon!